Oral Research Report Feedback


Class Avg

Introduction: 4.3
Method: 4
Results: 3.9
Delivery: 4.3
Accessible: 4.2
Visual aids: 4

Personal Avg

Introduction: 4.4
Method: 4.3
Results: 4
Delivery: 4.6
Accessible: 4.1
Visual aids: 4.4


07/01/2016 -

I liked the way you broke down the results in spite of that daunting data table.

One suggestion is to try not to get caught up in the words that tripped you up ("Africans Americans", "statistically significant").

07/01/2016 -

I liked the way you pace your words and tone; you make it easy to follow along. Your graphic on factors leading to self-efficacy was fantastic.

One suggestion is to really slim down details on method and results (lots of details, slides very complex here).

06/29/2016 -

I liked the way...your introduction was thoughtful and measured. You covered the logical model really well and explained what this was thoughtfully.

Discussion of method was accessible to me. I thought that you broke down the method and then what they actually did in the study.

I think your pacing is fantastic. Calm, articulate, and never rushed. The visual aid was great to break down the demonstration; particularly when you got to the breakdown of the App -- this was a really good supportive App.

You covered all the basics with the conclusions but weren't able to get to the limitations and implications in time.

One suggestion is...cut the description in method just a wee bit. But WOW. What a great presentation.

06/29/2016 -

I liked the way...you introduced your study and concepts. You did a beautiful job using the slides as guides for our understanding, but giving great examples and explanation to elaborate.

One suggestion is...Results occurred at 1:22 left. Clarity of descriptions was a little less than during the first portion of the presentation. Only scored down a little on results and delivery because of the time.

06/27/2016 -

I liked the way you explained the complexity of the study design. The presentation was very well organized with important information highlighted and explained.

One suggestion is to clarify a couple of concepts on the results and method slides for people from non-science background. I also wish I heard your comments on the implication of the study. Interesting study! 🙂

06/27/2016 -

I liked the way...you provided comprehensive rationale and study background, with the intention of helping listeners fully understand the implications at play. Very nice pace, cadence, tone.

One suggestion is... while background is important, continually move toward conclusions and implications - what did they find, why does this matter?

06/24/2016 -

I liked the way you provided organized details on the slides and explain with more accessible language and provide examples. I also appreciated the critique and evaluation you gave to this study at the end of the presentation.

One suggestion is instead of explaining terms individually, provide one example that incorporate the concepts to help your audience understand it better.

06/24/2016 -

I liked the way...you framed the research questions in a broader context. Your voice, cadence, and expression made the report easy to listen to. Visuals contributed to the organization of your report.

One suggestion is... pace comments to allow for some pausing, digesting of report.