Oral Research Report Feedback


Class Avg

Introduction: 4.3
Method: 4
Results: 3.9
Delivery: 4.3
Accessible: 4.2
Visual aids: 4

Personal Avg

Introduction: 3.9
Method: 3.9
Results: 3.6
Delivery: 3.7
Accessible: 4.4
Visual aids: 3.7


07/01/2016 -

I liked the way...Things seemed to come together in the end. Results and discussion were accessible

One suggestion is... I would like a clearer tie between what was presented in introduction and practical implications (Need).

07/01/2016 -

I liked the way you provided the visual aids to help me understand the results better, and the analysis you provided in the last slide to bring all the notions and points together.

One suggestion is that you spent more than two minutes to explain the concept, which left less room for a more in-depth analysis of the more important and informing parts to he study.

06/29/2016 -

I liked the way you explained the terms with the keywords/concepts highlighted (with font size, etc.) on the slides.

One suggestion is to reduce the time spent on the introduction so that the results/implication/evaluation can be discussed in a more detailed manner.

06/29/2016 -

I liked the way the drew my interest to "mathematizing" - I was super interested and curious what this study would uncover. Well done!

One suggestion is try to eliminate all noise that is not essential to your main thread, in this case, mathematizing. Get rid of unneccessary jargon, extra text on slide, etc. Really bring me into the main narrative and walk me through.

06/27/2016 -

I liked the way...the way you pulled out the visual by bolding "thinking device" and "conduit of knowledge".

Your discussion of the the results and conclusions was the most clear portion of the presentation. You discussed the missed opportunity and how they might have gone further with their exploration of knowledge acquisition.

One suggestion is...work on the 'ums'

06/27/2016 -

I liked the way use framed the study in a great analogy - super helpful to help me understand.

One suggestion is to stick to one analogy - no need to repeat similar metaphors.

06/24/2016 -

I liked the way you framed the study and why the use of the word might be important to classroom discourse.

One suggestion is to express the significance of the results with more clarity. I felt like I needed to know whether or not the actual measure was significant and how they argued that.