Oral Research Report Feedback


Class Avg

Introduction: 4.3
Method: 4
Results: 3.9
Delivery: 4.3
Accessible: 4.2
Visual aids: 4

Personal Avg

Introduction: 3.7
Method: 4
Results: 4.1
Delivery: 4.1
Accessible: 4
Visual aids: 3.3


07/01/2016 -

I liked the way... you used the logic model as a tool to explain the hypotheses, paraphrased the setup for the online mentoring program. I also liked your pacing and explanations and how you got to implications and critique

One suggestion is... summarize the hypotheses more quickly and put less text on the slides so we can focus on what you are saying rather than what the slides are saying.

07/01/2016 -

I liked the way you started on the logic model (really helped to frame the rest) and ended with a great evaluation of the lack of test for mentor intervention.

One suggestion is to give your major evaluative piece on its own slide to highlight the importance.

06/29/2016 -

I liked the way...you provide a critique of the results, your interpretation of results was insightful.
You have a concise way of presenting, using clear language, excellent pacing and cadence.

One suggestion is... balance critique with highlighting strengths of study; make sure your personal opinion of the significance of the results doesn't overshadow what the data show.

06/27/2016 -

I liked the way...Research interest was stated in relation to study

One suggestion is... include purpose and need slides may help structure presentation smoothly

06/27/2016 -

I liked the way...you broke up what the Feedback was about; you talked about the case study background as well thoughtfully. I believe the breakdown on method was really specific and helped me to understand the actual parts of the process that they were using.

Got cut off at implications and a little on limitations -- I think you were really close so that I think it was worth a little bit of cutting in a few places to be able to clear that.

One suggestion is...you spent a bit of time at the beginning talking about why you wanted to do this study (1:15) and it was a strange balance with the slide on the background; you may want to break up the visual aids (no additional text, but bigger text on more slides).

06/24/2016 -

I liked the way...that you simplified or generalized the description of the methods and analysis. I really like the way that you immediately linked the article to your area of interest.

One suggestion is... to talk much slower, though I know that if you did, you would not have been able to include everything that you managed to fit in the 5 minutes you were given.

06/24/2016 -

I liked the way your passion clearly came through and you tied the article strongly to your research interests.

One suggestion is to maximize the narrative of your presentation (order, pacing, visuals).