Oral Research Report Feedback


Class Avg

Introduction: 4.3
Method: 3.9
Results: 4.1
Delivery: 4.4
Accessible: 4.3
Visual aids: 4.3

Personal Avg

Introduction: 4.2
Method: 3.6
Results: 3.8
Delivery: 4.6
Accessible: 4.3
Visual aids: 4.1


06/29/2018 -

I liked the way your efforts to make sense of this study were evident.

One suggestion is to work on ways to reduce the complexity of a study such that it can be presented in 5 minutes. You might consider not tackling all of the research questions (focus on 1 or 2) and the the methods / results for that question. This is one way to avoid the time management issue.

06/29/2018 -

I liked the way...
- You speak about the topic - good pace, clear, and you're passionate

One suggestion is...
- Try to pare down details on methods to the one aspect you are most interested in

06/27/2018 -

I liked the way...you did a great job introducing the broader landscape for the phenomenon under study, and defined very clearly the purpose of the study.

One suggestion is... to be more explicit about the methods used to gather the data and form conclusions so that we can better evaluate the quality of the evidence.

06/27/2018 -

I liked the way...you used visuals when explaining your background concepts - your attempt to "level up" my sense of context was successful.

One suggestion is... I was unclear of the methodology used to arrive at the Social Media use recommendations.

06/27/2018 -

I liked the way...you tried to frame the study in "layman" terms making it accessible for those outside the field.

One suggestion is... More clarity on the methods of data analysis.

06/25/2018 -

I liked the way... you included photos/visuals, discussed detailed procedures

One suggestion is... more clearly define acronyms at beginning of presentation - I wasn't sure what CSWE meant until end of presentation.

06/25/2018 -

I liked the way you clearly are interested in this study and connect it to practice and real needs in society (having difficult conversations)

One suggestion is to quickly zero in on the purpose / need / research questions for this particular study. It wasn't clear what the *specific* purpose of this research was and how the methods answer those questions. Therefore, by extension, it's difficult to know what those results mean. Said another way, quickly identify the "logic" of the study, and use that to guide the discussion of the other sections.

06/25/2018 -

I liked the way... your presentation elt very conversational, you spoke to US; you have supreme confidence while presenting; very approachable to a non-expert

One question is... is visual aid for you or us? if it is intended for the audience, spread content over more slides; you experience the world at an entirely different pace than I do - tough for my small brain to process all of the info

06/22/2018 -

I liked the way...you engaged us with body language and eye contact.

One suggestion is... cut down some of the text on slides.

*Timing - Although you admitted to having 3 more slides. You were able to wrap up naturally when you did.

*Audience - I understood your presentation so the presentation was appropriate for an audience of adults.

06/22/2018 -

I liked the way... you spoke. You're extremely articulate and paced yourself well, which made the presentation easy to listen to.

One suggestion is... to reduce the number of words on your slides. In short, more pictures (like the last slide) and less words. Remember, if your audience is reading your slide, then they're not listening to you.

06/22/2018 -

I liked the way... you made lots of eye contact - I really felt like you were telling me an important story.

One suggestion is... figuring out a way to say less about the methods? It seemed like a really robust, complicated study so I'm not sure how you could've done that but maybe that would've allowed more time?

I thought your visuals were really good - professional and compelling! And that you did not use vocabulary that would've been hard for non-HigherEd to understand.

Great job! (Even though I'm not supposed to say that)