Visiting Scholars

Doctoral education involves developing your own research interests. It’s also a specific requirement of this course (i.e., the RDP). As you meet our “Parade of Scholars,” consider the way they:

  • Talk about their research interests. Is their approach different than yours?
  • Think about “good” research. Where do they think good research questions come from?
  • “Think like a researcher.” What does that even mean?
  • Offer a critical perspective.
  • Talk about the nature of academic reading and writing?

Schedule of Scholars

Week One:

  • Tuesday @ 11:30am: Doug Hartman, PhD (MSU Page)
  • Tuesday @ 3:00pm: Cindy Okolo, PhD (MSU Page & Personal Wiki)
  • Wednesday @ 11:30am: Chin-Hsi Lin, PhD (MSU Page)
  • Wednesday @ 3:00pm: Rand Spiro, PhD (MSU Page)
  • Thursday @ 11:30am: Ralph Putnam, PhD (MSU Page)
  • Thursday @ 3:00pm: Jack Smith, PhD (MSU Page)
  • Friday @ 11:30am: Jen Schmidt, PhD (MSU Page)

Week Two:

Additional scholars may be added.